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C2C Festival

12 Ways to Prep for C2C 2018

OK, got Country to Country festival tickets; now the hard work begins... To Do Get mum to become Little Big Town's no.1 fan because, either way, we're spending Mother's Day at the O2 Arena. Learn that you don’t have to... Continue Reading →

15 Great Quotes Overheard at Country Music Week

"How many of you had no idea who I was before tonight? That's OK, I don't know who you are either" - Woke Up in Nashville singer Seth Ennis "We have brought the hillbillies to the royal palace!" - Kimberly... Continue Reading →

About Last Night: Little Big Town

There's so much going on in Country Music Week, we've just realised Judi & CJ are not able to be omnipresent as hoped. So, while the regular Brits in Boots were at the CMA Songwriters Series last night, guest-blogger Felicity... Continue Reading →

Feeling Game? Here’s Your Country Music Week Bingo

We're confident many of life's big questions will be answered during London's first ever Country Music Week. Questions like... Am I too old to go out this many nights in a row? How many girls will turn up to Shepherd's Bush... Continue Reading →

7 Signs You’re Having a Post-C2C Crisis

A week ago (already!) we were gearing up for the Europe's biggest country music festival, basking in the glow of a short work week. Now, we're back at desks, trying to hold back from repeating "this one time, at C2C..." and wishing we could... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Take Me Away? Love at a Country Festival

Plan A is to marry Kip Moore. However, friends insist I need a Plan B and that's how I found myself - filled with some trepidation and lured by the promise of a free drink - at a speed dating event... Continue Reading →

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