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The “Help, They’re Marrying Someone Else” Playlist

We are irrationally excited about - and far too invested in - Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding news. But country music knows that not every engagement announcement is a happy one. When it’s your ex’s engagement for instance... an... Continue Reading →

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When Good Country Lyrics Go Bad

There are times it seems country songwriters are spoiling us for mere mortal men. They've raised the bar impossibly high with lines like "if mine could be the name that changes yours" or "I feel like the frame that gets... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Building our Own Nashville

We may all have been a bit hasty. I'm as guilty as you are. Yes, I sang along with The Shires and everyone else, vowing to build our own Nashville here in the UK. Yes, I came back from my holiday... Continue Reading →

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My CMA 2015 Predictions – The World As It Should Be

Okay, I'm sulking because I can't figure out how to watch the CMA 2015 Awards tonight live from the comfort of a rainy, cold London.  So I'm doing the next best thing and sharing my predictions (i.e. wild guesses) with... Continue Reading →

This is Country Music. Is it?

At last I've found the song to surely convert my best mate to the cult of Country Music. I subtly stick it on in the background while she's over to discuss her imminent wedding. Yes! On cue, she notices the track and... Continue Reading →

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