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Feeling Game? Here’s Your Country Music Week Bingo

We're confident many of life's big questions will be answered during London's first ever Country Music Week. Questions like... Am I too old to go out this many nights in a row? How many girls will turn up to Shepherd's Bush... Continue Reading →

When Good Country Lyrics Go Bad

There are times it seems country songwriters are spoiling us for mere mortal men. They've raised the bar impossibly high with lines like "if mine could be the name that changes yours" or "I feel like the frame that gets... Continue Reading →

My Last Dollar … Pound … Did Fly Away

Oh joy!  More acts have been added to the already pretty amazing line up of our very own CMA week in October.  Don't get me wrong ... I'm thrilled, really I am ... but I'm pretty sure I heard my... Continue Reading →

Top 10 #CountryFanProblems

Some of these afflictions will affect country music fans the world over. Others are the extra burdens you carry as a country fan in the UK. The struggle is real. Our Twitter pals have chipped in for these ones, but what are... Continue Reading →

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The Anti-Valentine’s: 7 Killer Country Songs

Country radio will no doubt be making us all swoon / weep over Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, as epic as the slushy songs are, for those who aren’t loved up, country music also has some killer anti-love songs. Some of them... Continue Reading →

7 Strange Gifts for Country Music Lovers

Internet shopping? Consider these bizarre treasures. We promise, these are all actual things you can buy out there on the wonder web. And apparently people really are spending that much on number six...    

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