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Top 10 #CountryFanProblems

Some of these afflictions will affect country music fans the world over. Others are the extra burdens you carry as a country fan in the UK. The struggle is real. Our Twitter pals have chipped in for these ones, but what are... Continue Reading →

The Anti-Valentine’s: 7 Killer Country Songs

Country radio will no doubt be making us all swoon / weep over Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, as epic as the slushy songs are, for those who aren’t loved up, country music also has some killer anti-love songs. Some of them... Continue Reading →

7 Strange Gifts for Country Music Lovers

Internet shopping? Consider these bizarre treasures. We promise, these are all actual things you can buy out there on the wonder web. And apparently people really are spending that much on number six...    

Foolproof Country Song Chat Up Lines

Come on country fans, I dare you to try some if these pickup lines at the bar of your next country gig. We can't guarantee whether, if you don't look like Luke Bryan, they'll earn you a date or a slap, but... Continue Reading →

5 Types of Breakup and their Country Song Cures

I'm told it's tempting fate but I keep an in-case-of-emergency Breakup Playlist. It's not as depressing as it sounds. I haven't had to use it yet (touching wood while typing) but I'm pretty sure, a bit like a best mate, country music will have something to offer for whatever my level of misery...

7 Signs your Country Music Obsession is Incurable

Here's how to tell if you've fully crossed over to Country and will never find your way back (though why would you want to?) We know the obsession is not logical; you live in a British town, work in an office, and you... Continue Reading →

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