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Country Fans Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Music, of course. It all starts from the music. An iTunes or Spotify voucher will always be welcome, depending on what device your gift recipient uses. As will a subscription to Country Music Magazine. Or the new Chris Stapleton album... Continue Reading →

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Shopping for your Inner Cowboy

We're pleading guilty. One lovely reader has noted that our Honky Tonk High Street selection last week only included items for women. True. It's almost as if CJ had used the blog as an excuse to do some shopping for... Continue Reading →

Honky-Tonk High Street

Earlier this week my sidebar waved at me with an invite to Shop the Rodeo Trend. A brief moment of confusion, then it dawned: it’s that special time of the decade when we are officially in fashion again. What was... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Edit: Gifts for City Slicker Country Fans

Treading the fine line between hipster and cowboy/cowgirl, here's a curated collection of CJs favourite buys from our brand new shopping guide. For more ideas, check out last year's Christmas Wishlist here or share your gift ideas with us in the... Continue Reading →

7 Strange Gifts for Country Music Lovers

Internet shopping? Consider these bizarre treasures. We promise, these are all actual things you can buy out there on the wonder web. And apparently people really are spending that much on number six...    

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