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When Good Country Lyrics Go Bad

There are times it seems country songwriters are spoiling us for mere mortal men. They've raised the bar impossibly high with lines like "if mine could be the name that changes yours" or "I feel like the frame that gets... Continue Reading →

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Nashville Meets London in Pics

The uncharacteristically decent and consistent British weather of recent weeks vanished on cue. The law of Sod required rain in time for outdoor country music festival Nashville Meets London. But, since we don't live in the right country to be... Continue Reading →

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CMA Fest 2017: A Brit’s Eye View [GUEST POST]

I’ll admit it. It wasn’t entirely coincidental that I arranged to visit my Nashville friends when it “happened” to be the CMA Fest weekend. I was on my best behaviour though and resigned myself to the fact I’d need to... Continue Reading →

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Dirt on Your Boots: 7.5 UK Country Music Festivals (2017)

Confession. My cowboy boots (all five pairs) have barely touched grass. In the words of Randy Houser, I was ‘raised on an asphalt farm, ain’t never heard a rooster crow’. But that is about to change with the sudden brilliant increase... Continue Reading →

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Top 10 #CountryFanProblems

Some of these afflictions will affect country music fans the world over. Others are the extra burdens you carry as a country fan in the UK. The struggle is real. Our Twitter pals have chipped in for these ones, but what are... Continue Reading →

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Coping with the Nashville Meets London Comedown

48 hours ago we were barefoot and dancing to a Dixie Chicks cover being performed by a group of lads from Yorkshire (The Pauper Kings). In the heart of London's financial district, we were the movers and shakers, soaking up the surreal... Continue Reading →

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When Nashville Met London (and Dan)

I received a strange text a couple of days after the first Nashville Meets London festival last year. It was from my usually-coherent lawyer friend Dan asking what I’d done to him and where could he find more of this... Continue Reading →

My Last Dollar … Pound … Did Fly Away

Oh joy!  More acts have been added to the already pretty amazing line up of our very own CMA week in October.  Don't get me wrong ... I'm thrilled, really I am ... but I'm pretty sure I heard my... Continue Reading →

Band of Brothers: Foreign Affairs [Interview]

Imagine. You've formed a band with your brother. You split your time between working in a coffee shop and sending hundreds of cold emails a month asking for gigs. Then a reply comes offering you a UK tour with a... Continue Reading →

The Country Side of Glastonbury

For the first time I can remember, a little bit of me is jealous of all the “off to Glastonbury” pictures and posts. It’s no coincidence that this is also the first time I can remember Glastonbury festival not forecast... Continue Reading →

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