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Unexpected Hazards of an Old Dominion Show

I got more than I bargained for on the UK opening night of Thomas Rhett’s Home Team Tour. As with so many gigs at the moment, last night was more about the support act for me. I’d seen Thomas live... Continue Reading →

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Brits Guide to Enjoying The CMA Awards

Don’t turn us in but last year we may have dabbled in some dodgy measures to try and watch the CMA Awards live online. This year, there’s enough thread chat to suggest many others will be staying up till the... Continue Reading →

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12 Ways to Prep for C2C 2018

OK, got Country to Country festival tickets; now the hard work begins... To Do Get mum to become Little Big Town's no.1 fan because, either way, we're spending Mother's Day at the O2 Arena. Learn that you don’t have to... Continue Reading →

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15 Great Quotes Overheard at Country Music Week

"How many of you had no idea who I was before tonight? That's OK, I don't know who you are either" - Woke Up in Nashville singer Seth Ennis "We have brought the hillbillies to the royal palace!" - Kimberly... Continue Reading →

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The REAL Nashville: Your Country Music Starter Kit

Taking your favourite fictional artists from TV's Nashville and suggesting the real country stars you should check out.

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CMA Fest 2017: A Brit’s Eye View [GUEST POST]

I’ll admit it. It wasn’t entirely coincidental that I arranged to visit my Nashville friends when it “happened” to be the CMA Fest weekend. I was on my best behaviour though and resigned myself to the fact I’d need to... Continue Reading →

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The Perils of Building our Own Nashville

We may all have been a bit hasty. I'm as guilty as you are. Yes, I sang along with The Shires and everyone else, vowing to build our own Nashville here in the UK. Yes, I came back from my holiday... Continue Reading →

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Five things I learnt at JD & The Straight Shot

They had me at JD.  Well, they were bound to, weren't they? So, knowing little more than I liked the sound of their band name, I found a replacement CJ for the night. Bringing along a non-country friend (who for... Continue Reading →

About Last Night: The Kip Moore Effect

Kip Moore walks into a bar. Seriously. Not just a bar. Kip Moore walked into my bar in Shepherd’s Bush. Four of us had managed to crowd around the last spare half table at my regular pub for a pre-gig... Continue Reading →

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