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15 Great Quotes Overheard at Country Music Week

"How many of you had no idea who I was before tonight? That's OK, I don't know who you are either" - Woke Up in Nashville singer Seth Ennis "We have brought the hillbillies to the royal palace!" - Kimberly... Continue Reading →

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About Last Night: The Kip Moore Effect

Kip Moore walks into a bar. Seriously. Not just a bar. Kip Moore walked into my bar in Shepherd’s Bush. Four of us had managed to crowd around the last spare half table at my regular pub for a pre-gig... Continue Reading →

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About Last Night: Little Big Town

There's so much going on in Country Music Week, we've just realised Judi & CJ are not able to be omnipresent as hoped. So, while the regular Brits in Boots were at the CMA Songwriters Series last night, guest-blogger Felicity... Continue Reading →

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About last night: Randy Houser (Country Music Week)

It had not been the giddy day any of us had expected for the launch of London’s first Country Music Week. By the time I logged off at work to head to Bush Hall, the horrific news story which had... Continue Reading →

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Feeling Game? Here’s Your Country Music Week Bingo

We're confident many of life's big questions will be answered during London's first ever Country Music Week. Questions like... Am I too old to go out this many nights in a row? How many girls will turn up to Shepherd's Bush... Continue Reading →

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The REAL Nashville: Your Country Music Starter Kit

Taking your favourite fictional artists from TV's Nashville and suggesting the real country stars you should check out.

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When Good Country Lyrics Go Bad

There are times it seems country songwriters are spoiling us for mere mortal men. They've raised the bar impossibly high with lines like "if mine could be the name that changes yours" or "I feel like the frame that gets... Continue Reading →

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Top 10 #CountryFanProblems

Some of these afflictions will affect country music fans the world over. Others are the extra burdens you carry as a country fan in the UK. The struggle is real. Our Twitter pals have chipped in for these ones, but what are... Continue Reading →

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Country Music Week: Songwriters in the City

In my unmusical opinion, songwriters are magicians, some how managing to marry the power of poetry to three chords and the truth. Tonight, four such magicians are gathering for day two of London's Country Music Week. Here's hoping they reveal... Continue Reading →

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