If Brad Paisley were British

I’ve woken up still buzzing from last night at the O2. Once again Brad Paisley provided a masterclass in audience interaction (just ask Hannah’s whose Instagram got taken over by the man himself, or the TWO youngsters who were given signed guitars out of the blue). As for the rest of us; we were given... Continue Reading →

7 Resolutions After Carrie Underwood’s UK Tour

I often leave a Country gig feeling inspired. Sometimes it’s the energy of the music, often it’s a lyric that wouldn’t be out of place on a motivational poster, other times it’s just being surrounded by my tribe singing in unison and unfettered revelry. Leaving Carrie Underwood’s London concert - a proper big-hit-belting, arena-worthy show... Continue Reading →

5 Lessons I Learned from Lyle Lovett

I first heard of Lyle Lovett when he was mentioned as Mary Chapin Carpenter’s fantasy man in I Feel Lucky. Between that and a career of both music and acting spanning almost 40 years, there was no doubt of Lyle Lovett’s legend status when he was announced as part of the C2C Festival lineup. There... Continue Reading →

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