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Nashville Meets London in Pics

The uncharacteristically decent and consistent British weather of recent weeks vanished on cue. The law of Sod required rain in time for outdoor country music festival Nashville Meets London. But, since we don't live in the right country to be... Continue Reading →

When Nashville Met London (and Dan)

I received a strange text a couple of days after the first Nashville Meets London festival last year. It was from my usually-coherent lawyer friend Dan asking what Iā€™d done to him and where could he find more of this... Continue Reading →

Southern Saturdays: A Load of Bull or Southern Charm?

Pop star Gabrielle wasn't full of it; dreams can come true. The Back Street Boys are in the country music chart (possibly due to me successfully blowing out 16 candles all in one go back in '96). Jack Daniels have... Continue Reading →

C2C in 80 Words: Day Three [Pics]

Judi joined a line-dance flashmob. CJ got to ask Marty Stuart a (croaky, hungover) interview question at the screening of Born in Bristol, a must-watch documentary about country music's birth. Drake White was the talk of the town (square). The... Continue Reading →

The Siren, The Pitch and The Wardrobe

I feel like, in hindsight, tonight will have been a big deal. At the risk of jinxing it, I predict my great-grandchildren* will be queuing overnight to get tickets for the Yola Carter farewell tour and I'll casually drop that... Continue Reading →

The Non Review: 5 Things Kenny Couldn’t See from the Stage [Pics]

Bringing my grandparents along to the gig already marked it as different to my usual JD-soaked country music outings. My nan pulled a cake out of her bag in the middle of Lucille. So it was a strange enough night... Continue Reading →

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