Country Fans Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Music, of course. It all starts from the music. An iTunes or Spotify voucher will always be welcome, depending on what device your gift recipient uses. As will a subscription to Country Music Magazine. Or the new Chris Stapleton album “From a Room: Volume 2” is on most people’s lists. But – as my drawers […]

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11 Christmas Gifts for Country Music Fans [2015]

Dear Santa (and other people whose Christmas lists I am on),

I know you don’t fully understand my country music obsession, and I appreciate that you’re wiling to accept me anyway. To save you the embarrassment of being the fifth person to buy me a Kenny Rogers calendar this December, here’s a list of gift suggestions to make me (or the other country music lovers on your list) boot scoot with joy come Christmas morning.

Yours gratefully,
UK Country Music Fan

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