Country Gigs Galore: Surviving Manic May

“Typical; you wait two years for a gig, then six come along at once.” May 2022 is offering the biggest non-festival invasion of country music artists the UK has seen. As scheduled tours collide with previously postponed dates, for one epic month live music is not just ‘back to normal’, but better than it ever... Continue Reading →

10 Country Songs that Sum Up 2020

Can you imagine the harrowing history module future GCSE students will have to study all about 2020? If you told me 12 months ago that Brexit wouldn’t be the major story of the year I would’ve been relieved. But the leave/remain headlines were replaced with protests and pandemics, cancelled concerts and Christmas, natural disasters, the... Continue Reading →

Off Stage With: William Michael Morgan

He said he’d be back soon and William Michael Morgan obviously wasn’t just playing lip service to his British fans. Less than six months after his first ever trip overseas, the George Strait inspired young country singer is back here for a UK mini-tour. On his first visit, back at Buckle and Boots festival in... Continue Reading →

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