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Get a Front Row (Sofa) Seat with Live Albums

The end is in sight but for a little longer here we still are, staying home and staying safe, staying locked-down. The return of live music is finally glimmering in the not-too-distant future but there is still a couple of months to wait for venue doors to open and floors to become sticky again. Until […]

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Weekend Home Shows: Luke Combs and More

Welcome to the weekend. Sure, you might be spending it in exactly the same place as you’ve been spending the weekdays, but you don’t have to spend it exactly the same way. We’re still a way off from refilling our gig guide with options for nights out, and panic searching through emails for those print-at-home […]

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10 Country Songs that Sum Up 2020

Can you imagine the harrowing history module future GCSE students will have to study all about 2020? If you told me 12 months ago that Brexit wouldn’t be the major story of the year I would’ve been relieved. But the leave/remain headlines were replaced with protests and pandemics, cancelled concerts and Christmas, natural disasters, the […]

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A Non-Country Fan’s Country Music Week Highlights

I finally got Non-Country Boyfriend (NCB) to come to a country music festival with me. He’d had to collect his dad from hospital the day he was due to join me at Buckle and Boots. Then he broke his shoulder the week before The Long Road. And the jury is still out on whether he […]

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Overheard at The Long Road Festival: 15 Fave 2019 Quotes

We weren’t supposed to be writing another “Overheard at…” post. This year we were not planning to spend the Leicestershire Americana festival shamelessly eavesdropping on our fellow music fans. Instead we were definitely, maybe going to do very serious interviews and also come up with a new, completely original blog idea, the likes of which […]

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