Offstage With: Tyler Braden

Tyler Braden can’t remember exactly how he celebrated when his bold move to Nashville paid off with a publishing deal four years ago, but he’s pretty sure it would’ve involved a trip to The Cheesecake Factory. The mid-range restaurant chain (which may sound familiar from sitcom The Big Bang Theory) is how he celebrates every... Continue Reading →

C2C Festival Stages: Our Top Picks

How will you be choosing? Coin toss? Decision dice? Following the crowd? This year before we even get into London's main O2 arena for the headline and spotlight stage acts, we'll have had over 40 country acts to choose between, across six daytime 'festival stages'* around the O2 complex. It is an overwhelming business. The... Continue Reading →

We Need to Talk About Lainey Wilson

Too many record companies have been looking for the next Taylor Swift when they should’ve been looking for the next Lee Ann Womack.  Cue Lainey Wilson. We’re sat on dilapidated sofas in a dressing room in London’s Bush Hall, where ‘newcomer’ Lainey is about to open for Chase Rice. She’ll be performing a handful of... Continue Reading →

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