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The REAL Nashville: Your Country Music Starter Kit

Taking your favourite fictional artists from TV's Nashville and suggesting the real country stars you should check out.

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Harvest Festival Review: Country and Irish

Iโ€™d set myself three rules en route to Harvest Country Music Festival. I was in the worldโ€™s smallest hire car with Judi, my gig-buddy turned Belfast-to-Enniskillen chauffeur. They were: Rule No.1 - Do not fall into the habit of comparing... Continue Reading →

Harvest Country Music Festival in Pictures

Hats, boots and a LOT of dancing...

Stepping Out of my (Southern) Comfort Zone

After the school-trip frog debacle of 1994, there are very few things that would make me consider camping again. There are even less things that would make Judi consider camping. But in both our cases Kip Moore being in the... Continue Reading →

When Good Country Lyrics Go Bad

There are times it seems country songwriters are spoiling us for mere mortal men. They've raised the bar impossibly high with lines like "if mine could be the name that changes yours" or "I feel like the frame that gets... Continue Reading →

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Nashville Meets London in Pics

The uncharacteristically decent and consistent British weather of recent weeks vanished on cue. The law of Sod required rain in time for outdoor country music festival Nashville Meets London. But, since we don't live in the right country to be... Continue Reading →

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