7 Signs your Country Music Obsession is Incurable

Here’s how to tell if you’ve fully crossed over to Country and will never find your way back (though why would you want to?)

We know the obsession is not logical; you live in a British town, work in an office, and you were raised on Rock or maybe Motown. Yet even if, in the words of Randy Houser, you “ain’t never heard a rooster crow”, you have an inexplicable connection to a musical genre that has a surprising number of songs about fishing. But how many of these symptoms do you have?

1) Your friends now groan and leave the room when you say “there’s a country song about that…”

2) Your UK Geography is questionable, but you could win a pub quiz on US small towns. (What, hasn’t everyone heard of Mayberry?)

3) You start to talk at record speed and inaudible decibels when you discover there’s another country fan at work.

4) However serious a situation is, you can’t resist dropping a country lyric into the conversation. (Oh you’re dumping me? Well “take your cat and leave my sweater.”)

5) You’ve accidentally laughed out loud in public at a comedy country song that’s popped up on your playlist.

6) When we tweeted that Brad had renewed his wedding vows with his gorgeous actress wife, you knew we meant Paisley, not Pitt.

7) You’re armed with an arsenal of trivia in case you ever need to defend country music’s honour. (“I think you’ll find that chart-topping HipHop song by The Fugees that you love so much is actually sampling Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler. So there.”)

For a bonus point, you’re also reading a blog about country music… Feel free to add your own tell-tale signs of a Brit Gone Country below.


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