My CMA 2015 Predictions – The World As It Should Be

Okay, I’m sulking because I can’t figure out how to watch the CMA 2015 Awards tonight live from the comfort of a rainy, cold London.  So I’m doing the next best thing and sharing my predictions (i.e. wild guesses) with you … but I’m hedging my bets because I’m usually rubbish at this sort of thing – I’m going to tell you who I think should win and then who will probably win because no one ever agrees with me!  (And I really have no idea what I’m doing …)

Important: This is not an excuse to watch loads of YouTube videos instead of working.

New Artist of the Year

I think: Chris Stapleton

Everybody else thinks: Sam Hunt

chris & samWhy: I only recently discovered Chris Stapleton – around the time the C2C line up was announced – and now I think everybody should
discover him.  However, Sam Hunt is the new hot thing and just controversial enough to keep things interesting … even though he isn’t country … I don’t care what you say @cherytwee.

UPDATE: And the winner was Chris Stapleton

Album of the Year

I think: Kacey Musgraves – PAGEANT MATERIAL

Everybody else thinks: Jason Aldean – OLD BOOTS, NEW DIRT
kacey jason

Why: Smart lyrics that have something to say should always be rewarded.  But sometimes the opposite gets rewarded.

UPDATE: And the winner was Chris Stapleton

Female Vocalist of the Year

I think: Miranda Lambertcarriemiranda

Everybody else thinks: Carrie Underwood

Why: Is the host even allowed to win an award?  Carrie is everybody’s sweetheart and I like her but I want the angry, slightly scary one to win … and you know there’s going to be that awkward panning camera shot and the elephant in the room!

UPDATE: And the winner was Miranda Lambert

Male Vocalist of the Year

I think: Eric Church ericluke

Everybody else thinks: Luke Bryan

Why: Pretty much I think Eric Church should win everything (because Kip Moore’s not nominated) but Luke Bryan is the ‘The Man’ in country at the moment … and I can’t have Blake winning if Miranda gets an award – I’ve picked my side …

UPDATE: And the winner was Chris Stapleton

Entertainer of the Year

I think: Eric Church

Everybody else thinks: Kenny Chesney

Why: Well, on this list I’ve only seen Eric Church and Luke Bryan perform live … and Eric Church’s gigs are hands down some of the best shows I’ve seen (side note: get your C2C tickets for an amazing Sunday) but thinking about it a Kenny Chesney show must be pretty damn good too.

UPDATE: And the winner was Luke Bryan

Single of the Year


I think: Little Big Town – Girl Crush

Everybody else thinks: Kenny Chesney – American Kids

Why: It all depends on if the controversy surrounding ‘Girl Crush’ is forgiven – if Little Big Town do win this award it’s a marker that country music and not radio stations win.

UPDATE: And the winner was Little Big Town – Girl Crush

Music Video of the Year

I think: Kacey Musgraves – Biscuits

Everybody else thinks: Kacey Musgraves – Biscuits

Why: C’mon, it’s a smorgasbord of crazy … who doesn’t love this video?“>

UPDATE: And the winner was Maddie & Tae – Girl in A Country Song

Song of the Year

I think: Eric Church – Like A Wrecking Ball

Everybody else thinks: Sam Hunt – Take Your Time

Why: Have you listened to the words?  I imagine there was a conversation at some point along the lines, ‘it’s a song about wild monkey sex’, ‘yes, but if we sing it slowly, it becomes a love song’.  Genius!  So admittedly is Sam Hunt’s ‘Take Your Time’ and the juxtaposition of the music video makes it something worthy of an award … but it’s still not country!

UPDATE: And the winner was Little Big Town – Girl Crush

Musical Event of the Year

I think: DJANGO AND JIMMIE – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard

Everybody else thinks: DJANGO AND JIMMIE – Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard

Why: It would be rude not to!
Okay, just some of my well-reasoned, scientific predictions … ha ha … I can hear you laughing!

UPDATE: And the winner was Raise ‘Em Up – Keith Urban featuring Eric Church

Anyway, who do you think is going to win the awards?  Let me know how wrong (or right) I am!

P.S. If there is a way to watch the CMAs live tonight, let me know … even if it’s in a not totally Ofcom-sanctioned way …

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  1. It was the BBC showing highlights of the CMAs that got me into country music in the first place . Why they stopped just as country was becoming more and more popular in this country , I don’t know . Now it’s a trawl through YouTube every year . Predicting the awards is notoriously difficult , but I’m happy with most of the eventual winners .


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