Sippin’ September: Celebrating (with) Jack Daniels and Country Music


If you follow our various social media accounts, you may have gathered that I have … let’s call it … a keen appreciation for the most famous of Tennessee whiskies: Jack Daniel’s.

I’m not the only one.  Judging by how frequently Jack Daniels gets mentioned in country music, that’s a love affair going strong.  Then there’s the little fact, that as the exact date of Uncle Jack’s (as he is known in Lynchburg) birthday isn’t known, the practice is to celebrate his birthday all September long!  A practice I seriously could adopt as my own (hint hint @cherytwee) …

So I’ve set myself a Jack Daniels challenge for the month of September … not a drinking challenge because that could end in tears (or as Mr Church knows I could end up with my ass kicked) … but the challenge of finding a Jack Daniel’s-related country song for every day of September.

The rules of the challenge:

  1. Start with songs that have Jack Daniel’s (or Jack or Old No 7 or … you get the idea) in the title.
  2. Move on to songs that name check or reference Jack Daniel’s.
  3. If I run out of Jack Daniel’s songs, finish with country songs about whiskey – I’m fairly sure I won’t run out of those!
The man himself

Okay, here we go:

  • 30 September: Heather Longstaffe – Jack Daniels

  • 29 September: Kip Moore – That’s Alright With Me – “Everybody knows I like whiskey, preferably from Tennessee”
  • 28 September: A Thousand Horses – Tennessee Whiskey – “With every drink I wash her down, Tennessee whiskey tell me did ya miss me.”
  • 27 September: Chris Stapleton / George Jones- Tennessee Whiskey – “You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
  • 26 September: Beau James Wigington – Ten Shots – “Because I’ve made good friends with Johnnie, with Jack and old Jim Beam.”

  • 25 September:  Jon Pardi – What I Can’t Put Down – “Cause the devil wears black and he goes by Jack.  And he’s really good at helpin’ me forget.”
  • 24 September: Frankie Ballard – Sunshine & Whiskey – “But every time you kiss me it’s like sunshine and whiskey.  It’s like a bottle of Jack straight to the head.”
  • 23 September: Alan Jackson – Everything I Love – “… everything I love is killin’ me, cigarettes, Jack Daniels and caffeine …”
  • 22 September: Justin Moore – More Middle Fingers – “… yeah, and how ’bout one for the lack of respect for Mr. Jack and Charlie Daniels …”
  • 21 September: The Cadillac Three – Back It Up – “… back it up like a sip of cold beer to wash down a double shot of Jack Daniels …”
  • 20 September: Jason Isbell – The Life You Chose – “… Jack and coke in your mama’s car, you were reading The Bell Jar …
  • 19 September: Brad PaisleyAlcohol – “… and since the day I left Milwaukee, Lynchburg, Bordeaux, France
The birthday girl on Mr Daniel’s porch
  • 18 September: Canaan Smith – Good Kinda Bad – “… you’re a little lemonade and a lotta Jack Daniels I want all I can handle …”
  • 17 September: Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard – It’s All Going to Pot – “… all of the whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee, just couldn’t hit the spot …”
  • 16 September: Florida Georgia Line – Tip It Back – “… whether it’s a cold beer, tequila, or a double shot of Jack, yeah, all you need to do tonight is tip it back …”
  • 15 September: Brad Paisley – Death of a Single Man – “ … with Jack & Coke we’ll make a toast to the death of a single man …”
  • 14 September: Chris Stapleton & Justin Timberlake – Drink You Away – “I can’t drink you away; I’ve tried Jack, I’ve tried Jim, I’ve tried all their friends …”
  • 13 September:  Jason Aldean – Burnin’ It Down – “… just hanging around, burnin’ it down, sippin’ on some cold Jack Daniels
  • 12 September: The Reverend Horton Heat – Sue Jack Daniels
  • 11 September: Chase Rice – Jack Daniel’s and Jesus
  • 10 September: Eric Church – Jack Daniel’s
  • 9 September: Jerry Lee Lewis – Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7
  • 8 September: Dottie West – Johnnie Walker, Old Grand-Dad, Jack Daniels and You
  • 7 September: Ray Stevens – Jack Daniels, You Lied To Me Again
  • 6 September: The Devil Makes Three – Old Number Seven
  • 5 September: Luke Bryan – You Don’t Know Jack
  • 4 September: James Payne – The Night Ole Jack Daniels Met John 3:16
  • 3 September: David Allan Coe – Jack Daniels, If You Please
  • 2 September: Alan Jackson – Jim and Jack and Hank
  • 1 September: Miranda Lambert – Jack Daniels


Do let me know if I’m missing any obvious songs!

By JB for @ukcountryblog



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