Top 10 UK #CountryFanProblems

Some of these afflictions will affect country music fans the world over. Others are the extra burdens you carry as a country fan in the UK. The struggle is real. Our Twitter pals have chipped in for these ones, but what are your biggest #CountryFanProblems?

When you mention you like country and someone auto-adds the words “and Western?” – @NickBandG

bunny gif


You see your favourite artist is coming to London. And then you realise it’s London, Canada.

disappointment gif


Trying to avoid Nashville spoilers on Twitter before the new series finally comes to UK TV. – @yellaochremusic

hiding gif


Starting a game of “sip your drink every time the singer mentions whiskey” but running out of drink before the second verse.

drinking gif


How you plan to look at the country music festival…


…versus how you’ll probably look at the country music festival.festival-drunk


Automatically reading “America” as “Americana.

– @vickyefisher



You tell people you like country music and they sing Achy Breaky Heart at you on a loop.

achy-breaky gif 

Getting distracted from a very important topic at school/work because the book is published by “McGraw Hill” and no one else getting why that’s made you go “aaaawwwwww”….mcgraw-hill


Being constantly disappointed by the Nashville Instagram filter.

instagram gif


Trying to watch the CMAs when you live outside of the USA.

duck gif


We’re guessing there are loads more, so let us know your own country fan struggles in the comments below.

@UKCountryBlog (with some help from giphy & cover photo by Flickr user ‘PhotoAtelier‘)






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