My Last Dollar … Pound … Did Fly Away

Oh joy!  More acts have been added to the already pretty amazing line up of our very own CMA week in October.  Don’t get me wrong … I’m thrilled, really I am … but I’m pretty sure I heard my credit card quietly whimpering to itself when I opened up my purse this morning.

i have tickets

It’s a dream come true having so much good music available and different types of events to go to but it’s been hard on the budget in a year where I was supposed to be ‘an adult’ and ‘responsible with my money’.  So to console myself (and my credit card) I’ve found some country songs that share my pain at having more month than money left …

Marty Stuart – Too Much Month


Trace Adkins – Marry for Money

Chris Jansen – Buy Me A Boat

Sugarland – Baby Girl

Kip Moore – Beer Money

Let me know if you can think of any other songs about being broke (and feeling okay about it)!

And if you do happen to find some pennies between the sofa cushions (lucky you!) check out Chris Country’s Gig Guide to see what other tickets you could get!



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