C2C Festival: Don’t Forget to Pack These…

Some things have changed at C2C London. As we stepped out of the tube station last night for the CMA Songwriters Series, our usual mania-triggering billboard wasn’t there. (Don’t panic, it’s just moved closer to the entrance). The Town square is now outside. (Don’t panic, it’s under cover). But there were the same familiar faces, every bar felt like a reunion, so we’ll assume these same things will be come in as useful as ever…

  1. A little pre-drink for the journey because all those drinking songs make you thirsty, but remember it’ll need to be emptied (drank) before going into venues.
  2. Wet wipes because mum was right.
  3. Back up phone power because so many photo opportunities take it’s toll on the phone battery. There are also a few plug points around like in the O2 bar.
  4. Floss because pulled pork …
  5. Our scavenger hunt drinking game because we clearly had too much time on our hands. Download your copy here and tag us @britsinboots if you spot something on the list.
  6. Collapsible coffee cup because of the environment and also some coffee shop chains like Pret give you money off hot drinks for your own cup.
  7. Umbrella because this is Britain.
  8. Vitamin / energy tabs because it’s gonna be a looong weekend.

Enjoy the festival!

CJ & Judi

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