4th July: 7 Ways to Celebrate in the UK

Should we Brits be celebrating America’s independence from, well, us? Debatable. But should we take any excuse to indulge in mac ‘n’ cheese? Definitely. Besides, if they hadn’t left Blightly, we wouldn’t have country music as we know and love it. So here are just a few places to spend Independence Day on this side of the pond.

1. Honky Tonk Independence Day Special

Betsey Trotwood Pub, London

Monthly country music night, Honky Tonk Thursdays, is breaking with traditition and venturing out on a Wednesday. They’re sticking with the usual £5 entry fee on the doors and the night includes live music across 2 floors, a DJ, a film screening of independent feature “Honky Tonk Moonlight” and southern style food on offer.

2. Texas Joe’s 4th of July Party

Texas Joe’s, London

The London Bridge Texan restaurant is also celebrating it’s 2nd birthday this week. The mouth watering BBQ will be available all day with the addition of celebratory fireworks as soon as the sun goes down. [Full details here]

3. Forth of July Fiesta

Last Days of Shoreditch, London

East London’s hawker market style foodie haven is coming over all ‘Merican. Their event is sponsored by American sauce brands French’s Mustard and Frank’s Redhot. For one night only expect cheerleaders, beer pong (in red solo cups of course), eating contests. As well as the usual All-American fare you can also try French’s mustard ice-cream and pickleback shots. [Full details here]

4. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Bunny Jacksons, Manchester

While there’s no special Independence day programme at juke joint Bunny Jacksons, it’s a Wednesday so their usual offer of Wings for just 10p each is on for drinkers there. [Full details here]

5. Visit a Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin House, London

This small museum boasts being the only remaining home of Benjamin Franklin in the world. For independence day the usual tour is followed by a glass of bubbly and slice of cake, all included in the usual £10 ticket fee. [Full details here]

6. Set Sail for the New World

The Mathew, Bristol

The Matthew, moored in Bristol’s harbour, is a replica of the ship which first sailed from Bristol and discovered North America (albeit, Canada). It’s free to board and look around but on 4th July you can also buy a ticket to sail around the harbour while staying true to your Britishness with a Fish and Chip dinner. [Full details here]

7. Enjoy an American Feast

Various restaurants, Nationwide

Wherever you’re based, American restaurants across the UK are stepping up with special menus and offers, so check out your favourite feeder to see what’s on. You could start with Jackson and Rye, Bodeans BBQ chains, The Blues Kitchen (which has live music and free beer for American passport holders) or The Big Easy (which has live music and rib eating contest).

Know of a Independence Day bash near you? Please list it in the comments below for fellow readers.

Cheers, Brits in Boots

(Dog cover photo by Randy Robertson)

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