How to Speak Southern: Lesson One

In the summer of 2015 we Brits stood in a Nashville coffee shop queue having a very serious and, in hindsight, embarrassing discussion. It began with speculation about why anyone would want to purchase a yeti iced down with silver bullets. Logically we moved onto theories about whether yeti, AKA abominable snowman, were like werewolves so only silver bullets could stop them.

It took a kind American to interrupt our misguided debate with the revelation that a Yeti was in fact a brand of cool box and silver bullets were slang for Coors Light beers. Oh, right. The Chris Janson hit which had been the soundtrack to our summer suddenly made waaaay more sense.

That’s not the only time our grasp of a country song (or understanding of a country singer*) has been thwarted by the rather different English language across the Atlantic. So, in preparation for the increase of country music activity over here in the UK, we’ve decided to enrol ourselves on an intensive Southern to English adult education course.

Join us? Become fluent in all the essential words from your favourite lyrics like ‘ragtop’ and ‘koozie’. Find out what to do if asked to ‘slide it on over’ and why you shouldn’t be afraid if your phone blows up. Most importantly, boost your learning with lectures from native Southern-speakers, who just happen to be some of our favourite country singers too…

Lesson 1: Mississippi’s Charlie Worsham


Charlie Worhsam Track:  Lawn Chair | Album: Beginning of Things [Warner Nashville]

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CJ & Judi

*Mainly Brantley Gilbert.

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