6 Valentines Ideas to Charm your Country Crush

Spare a thought for our friend’s boyfriend “A”. You may have heard of him last year when he scored maximum birthday present points for buying her cowboy boots customised with a Tim McGraw song lyric. But now Valentines Day is looming. How can he top that?!! Well, we’ve seen country-fan couples get matching Dan and Shay lyric tattoos or surprise each other with festival tickets. But knowing “A”, he’s probably currently arranging to get her Nashville citizenship or have Martina McBride come over to cook their Valentine’s dinner.*

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 23.24.52

If you’re also incredibly loved up, Schuh currently has quite a few women’s Western boots at the moment and “A” got them customised by Koko Art in North London. But if you’re not ready for quite so grand a gesture, there are these…

Modern Mixtape


Declare your love 1980s style with this USB stick disguised as a retro cassette and ready for you to doodle your love notes all over. Brad Paisley’s Then, Faith and Tim’s It’s Your Love, Dolly’s I Will Always Love You… Which songs would you load?

Mixtape USB available on Amazon Prime, £19.99

Drams in the Dark

If there are three of you in your relationship (one of whom is 80-proof) then this whiskey tasting – in complete darkness and with complementary canapés – is just one of many couple’s whiskey experiences on offer around the country.

Whiskey Tasting for two from Virgin Experience Days, £80

Prickly Pals

Val Cacti Geo_Duo_White_2048x

Flowers die too quickly but a puppy’s quite a commitment. Fear not, the pet cactus is the perfect in-between, bringing a little bit of Arizona to coffee tables across the UK. They’ve also got a rhinestone heart pot ‘love range’ at the moment.

Potted pet cacti by Prickly Pal, from £10

Country-themed Cards

Say it with stationery. Who wouldn’t fall for a secret admirer who sent one of these quirky Garth and Trisha cards (pictured up top)? You can even pick your own country hero couple names so, altogether now; “…you’ll be my Little Loretta, I’ll be your Conway Twitty…”

Valentine’s cards from Etsy shop This Country Room, £6.50

Cute Cookies


If you’re gifted with sugar and flour you could grab some cookie cutters and make something similar to these loved up cactus cookies yourself. But if you’ve got limited baking skills, you can have these adorable gourmet versions delivered instead.

Designer cookies by Honeywell Biscuit Co., £16

Sentimental Sound Waves

val original_favourite-song-colour-wave-print

You could have your favourite chorus translated into an atmospheric piece of sound wave art. Unless your song is actually ‘a slamming screen door’, because that might not look as artistic.
Sound Wave prints from Not on the High Street, £25

Of course it’s honestly the thought that counts. But if we happen to have any secret admirers out there, CJ is a U.S. Size 9 in almond-toe Luccheses, and Judi’s a ring size N in anything turquoise…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


*Nb. Totally not bitter or anything but “A” has also previously composed her a song. And it was good.

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