An Apology: Three Excuses and the Truth

Two girls, one dream. The dream involved flexing our writing skills and harping on about country music to people who might actually want to know about it, rather than to all the friends who’ve backed away slowly with polite smiles frozen on their faces over the years. And so this blog was born. The fact that it also gave a superficial justification for the number of cowboy boots in my hallway was a bonus.

But this year, in a shock revelation, I discovered there is life outside of country music. And so we’ve been slipping as bloggers. I know this because when I needed more space on my phone the clever technology suggested I remove the least used apps… like my blog manager. Burn. I also know it from the girl in the loo at Chris Young’s gig who asked “hey, didn’t you used to be Brits in Boots?” Awks.

Here are the rubbish but honest excuses for so few blog posts so far this year:

3 X New rather consuming jobs.

1.5 X New rather consuming boyfriends.

2 X House moves.

1 X Tempting new Margarita bar.

Too many X Lie-ins.

Don’t worry, all of these activities have still been done to a backdrop of country music and we’ve gone back to boring non-country friends IRL about why no other genre compares.

In our defence, when we first started this thing taking a couple months off of writing wouldn’t have been a problem. But now, what have we missed recently? About a zillion major Nashville artists’ UK tours, a new national country radio station (Country Hits), four opportunities to lose ourselves on the dancefloor at Buck and Bull or Nashville Nights, the launch of two big new UK Country festivals (Dixie Fields and British Country Music Festival), The Dixie Chicks announcing new music, Country artists will be babysitting Radio 2’s Country Show while Bob Harris recovers, Big Machine label’s sale…

Oh, right, quite a bit then.

So, like scolded schoolgirls handing in late homework, we are back in the game and fully incentivised to do better. But since we are not the omnipresent superwomen our New Year’s resolutions swore we’d be, we’re getting help. We’ll be introducing our new writers to you over the next few weeks in time for new festivals, boat parties, even more artist tours (like the recently announced Michael Ray one), a Nashville trip… and probably some new cowboy boots.

Thanks for sticking with us. Now I need to get up and figure out a “boardroom to Carrie concert” outfit…


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