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Musings and listings of New Country in the UK. The blog was started on the morning of London’s C2C in March 2015, to distract from the agonising wait for the show to begin! you can find us on social media as @UKCountryBlog and our contributors are:

CJ – A city girl from East London who probably has no business listening to songs about tractors and whiskey, but there’s Somethin’ ’bout a Truck... Lover of comedy country lyrics (Brad Paisley, Kacey Musgraves) and had been working on a plan to get the Dixie Chicks to make her the fourth member until Beyoncé beat her to it.

Judi – A South African living in London with a fashion-defying ability to rock a Stetson. Lover of songs about Jack Daniels. And Jack Daniels. Working on a way to meet Kip Moore without resorting to stalking.


Now, did we mention that time we met Toby Keith in a Covent Garden pub?

Thanks for reading, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram too.

Brits in Boots

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