Country Gigs Galore: Surviving Manic May

“Typical; you wait two years for a gig, then six come along at once.” May 2022 is offering the biggest non-festival invasion of country music artists the UK has seen. As scheduled tours collide with previously postponed dates, for one epic month live music is not just ‘back to normal’, but better than it ever... Continue Reading →

A Big Week for UK Country Music Fans

If we are in a movie, I think this might be the bit where the spell / dream / time travel experience wears off and we find ourselves back in real life, wondering whether the past two years really happened. From the huge global scenarios we’re still facing, to the personal shifts (like getting married!)... Continue Reading →

Not Quite the C2C Festival Weekend

Did your diary pop up with a cruel reminder or was that just mine? It’s the Thursday before what would’ve been the postponed C2C festival. Which means it's a year after we’d just met up with the country fan crew in a bar for pre-drinks only to find out the drinks were no longer ‘pre’.... Continue Reading →

5 Ways for a Country Christmas in the UK

Blame it on the Hallmark movies. You know the ones. A Christmas-hating big city person gets stranded in small-town America for some reason (business trip / snow storm / mischievous ghost). Over about 90 minutes they rediscover the joy of Christmas, largely thanks to falling in love with a wholesome but hot local (carpenter /... Continue Reading →

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