Best of Buckle and Boots [Pics]

Fear not, ’Merica; William Michael Morgan is not Missing. He is chatting to the ladies running the Jamaican food stall on a farm in the North of England, ostensibly deciding between their jerk chicken and a Yorkshire pudding wrap a few stalls over. This is his first time outside of America and the next morning... Continue Reading →

15 Best Quotes of C2C Festival 2019

We have laughed with cheeky lyrics, and cried - or cringed - at the stories behind them. We have helped the writer of a Keith Urban hit come up with the British version (John Lennon, John Cleese, John 3:16) and learned that no topic is out of bounds in a CMA songwriters’ round...

C2C Festival Stages: Our Top Picks

How will you be choosing? Coin toss? Decision dice? Following the crowd? This year before we even get into London's main O2 arena for the headline and spotlight stage acts, we'll have had over 40 country acts to choose between, across six daytime 'festival stages'* around the O2 complex. It is an overwhelming business. The... Continue Reading →

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