Black Deer Festival: 3 Must-See Artists

Alas; life, the universe and everything means we’re only at Black Deer Festival in spirit this year. But if we were there in person, our boots would be leaping across the fields to get front row for these three acts. 1. Irish Mythen Absolutely not to be missed in person, this Irish Canadian [pictured below]... Continue Reading →

C2C 2022: Festival Stage Picks

A lot has changed since the last time we made our way to the O2 for our country fix at C2C festival. Mainly our stamina. After months of lockdown bedtimes and pyjama living, we’re not sure our brains have yet computed the words “three nights out out in a row”. In. A. Row. This year... Continue Reading →

Make the Most of Digital Country Music Week

Computers ready? Home bar stocked? Prayers said to ward off any technical gremlins? Then welcome to Country Music Week. In case you’ve missed it, in previous years, every October since 2017, London has hosted a week-long collection of intimate country gigs in venues across the city. It’s been a time of school night partying, Soho... Continue Reading →

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