5 Lessons I Learned from Lyle Lovett

I first heard of Lyle Lovett when he was mentioned as Mary Chapin Carpenter’s fantasy man in I Feel Lucky. Between that and a career of both music and acting spanning almost 40 years, there was no doubt of Lyle Lovett’s legend status when he was announced as part of the C2C Festival lineup. There... Continue Reading →

15 Best Quotes of C2C Festival 2019

We have laughed with cheeky lyrics, and cried - or cringed - at the stories behind them. We have helped the writer of a Keith Urban hit come up with the British version (John Lennon, John Cleese, John 3:16) and learned that no topic is out of bounds in a CMA songwriters’ round...

About Last Night: Brothers Osborne in Bristol

I do not have a single decent photograph from last night’s Brothers Osborne show. I borrowed the one above. Blame the blurriness on the drinking blame the drinking on the blurriness… Once again I tried to instigate my ‘sip of whiskey every time whiskey is mentioned in a song’ drinking game, but somewhere between opener... Continue Reading →

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