C2C Lineup: Is this the perfect recipe?

Is this the recipe for the perfect C2C line up? In the baron years between my discovery of Country Music in the mid-nineties and the revival of UK arena country festivals in the 2010s, it seemed we Brits were destined to admire our favourite country stars from afar. But finally the US big names are taking to UK small stages. Now as Country 2 Country Festival planners are no doubt extending their invites to half my CD collection for the next C2C, here’s my idea of the perfect line-up mix… A cocktail mix*.
Cocktail image courtesy of Flickr user Taz 2 PARTS BOURBON – The Classic everyone respects: Alan Jackson / Reba McEntire

1 PART VODKA – The fun, party crowd pleaser: Blake Shelton / Toby Keith / Miranda Lambert

A SHOT OF TEQUILA – Use caution; this one may make your clothes come off: Kenny Chesney / Eric Church

1 CUP ORANGE JUICE – Refreshing, mixes well with others: The Eli Young Band / Gretchen Wilson / Darius Rucker

TOP WITH CHAMPAGNE – The classy one that marks a special occasion: Tricia Yearwood / George Straight / Alison Krauss and Union Station

ADD A TWIST OF LIME – A sharp segment that’ll cut through the rest of the flavours: Jason Isbell / Hayes Carll / Kacey Musgraves

2015 C2C Country FestivalThat’s just a fraction of my wish list, though I don’t envy the organisers on trying to top previous line ups (and no, they can’t please all of the people all of the time). I’ve left off those who’ve played at previous C2Cs, though Brad Paisley can come back as often as he likes! Who’d make it into your recipe for the perfect 2016 country festival?

@CheryTwee for @UKCountryBlog

P.S. You can read our thoughts on what C2C 2015 had that the American country festivals don’t, here.

*Please don’t actually try this as a cocktail recipe… It’s likely to make you pass out and miss the entire C2C Festival.

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