C2C in 80 Words: Day Three [Pics]

Judi joined a line-dance flashmob. CJ got to ask Marty Stuart a (croaky, hungover) interview question at the screening of Born in Bristol, a must-watch documentary about country music’s birth. Drake White was the talk of the town (square). The arena showcased country’s jaw-dropping guitar skills. The brilliant Brothers Osborne were the antithesis of bro-country. A tiny red top became a big distraction. And, after an overly rocky set previously, this was the ovation-inspiring, perfect redemption of Zac Brown Band.

For more of C2C in a nutshell, check out our posts for Day One or Day Two. Then, later we’ll have duo Holloway Road’s view on the festival but for now, we hope you had as good a weekend as we did.

CJ & Judi

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