7 Signs You’re Having a Post-C2C Crisis

A week ago (already!) we were gearing up for the Europe’s biggest country music festival, basking in the glow of a short work week. Now, we’re back at desks, trying to hold back from repeating “this one time, at C2C…” and wishing we could start it all again. Here’s how to tell if you’re going through withdrawal too.

Back at work, you’re waiting for Bob Harris to announce who’ll be in your next meeting.Waiting

You’ve been trying to freestyle harmonies to the Broadchurch theme tune.Top Gun singing

You accidentally put ‘y’all’ in a whatsapp group message to NCFs [Non-Country Friends] and pray they’ll think it’s a predictive text mistake.Chris Tucker Y'all

The world goes dark when realise the countdown on the C2C website has reset itself.

baboon laptop

You’re becoming a master at air banjo.banjo

You want to holler ‘Dublin / Glasgow / London!’ at the end of every sentence.

London Friends

People have to remind you that noon whiskey is not a thing.Cowgirl shots

Thanks to our guest blogger Felicity for the list of warning signs. Hang in there everyone, C2C wI’ll return 9-11th March 2018.

In the meantime over on BBC iPlayer you can relive the C2C2017 highlights on BBC Radio 2 Country or watch country music documentaries Rich Hall’s Countrier than You or The Shires: New Country.


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