Ready to Run? Country Music Workout Playlist

I am very temporarily swapping my cowboy boots for trainers as I’ve uncharacteristically signed up for a 10k charity run. I have not gone for the pictured cowboy boot/trainers hybrid that Adidas released in 2012.

So far in life my running experience has been limited to…

Towards: Happy hours, Buy 1 Get 1 Free boot sales, the occasional bus, and guys in black cowboy hats.

Away from: Marmite, spiders, and work contracts that clash with concert ticket dates.

Now, suddenly the race is less than two weeks away. Despite being motivated enough to go out jogging every other morning, training is not going well. In fact it’s going pretty badly.  Most days I hit a wall at 3k. Last week I literally tripped and hit a wall. Yesterday, I stopped and got the bus up the hill.

And since apparently coffee and chocolate are not the best training aids, I must rely solely on my other favourite stimulant; Country Music.

So can you help me pad out my country workout playlist? What are the songs that will keep me going through this last leg of training?

So far I’ve got these five, but they’ll barely get me past the chip shop at the end of the road. Please add your favourite country workout songs in the comments section below.


A sweatier than usual CJ

Note: I’m running for charity – you can find out more or even donate here.

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