Honky-Tonk High Street

Earlier this week my sidebar waved at me with an invite to Shop the Rodeo Trend. A brief moment of confusion, then it dawned: it’s that special time of the decade when we are officially in fashion again. What was only the inkling of a trend in S/S is now fully fledged and has trickled from high end to high street.

There is a downside. For the next few months it will be trickier to spot fellow country music fans out in the real world but, oh, the perks… and, oh, the temptation. So after a snort of indignation at the implication that cowboy boots are ever not in vogue, I got browsing for bargains.

Here are just a few examples of the bounty that’s out there on the high street at the moment. Topshop are definitely in the lead for their wide selection of boots, while daring accessories are a cheaper way to revive the Nashville Nights wardrobe and today, Black Friday deals mean some pieces are up to 50% off.

Tip: if you’re browsing shops online, the trick is to type “western” into search bars, rather than “cowboy”…

Statement Ankle Boots

Pink suede ankle boot
Pink suede buckle boot, £30, River Island (down from £45)
Romance Western ankle Boot
Embroidered boot, £65, Asos
Topshop silver ankle boot
Metallic Ankle Boot, £72, Topshop
Topshop studded ankle boots
Studded ankle boots, £30, Topshop (down from £45)

Fringe Benefits

Pink suede fringe jacket
Pink fringe 80s biker jacket, £120, Topshop (Down from £125)
Fringed jumper Mango
Embellished fringe jumper, £35.99, Mango
River island fringe tan jacket
Suede tan jacket, £100, River Island (down from £150)

Cowboy Boots

Schuh coconuts tan boots
Tan cowboy boots, £39:99, Schuh (down from £75)
Black cowboy boots
Leather and suede cowboy boots, £75, Asos
topshop cream cowboy boots
Plain cowboy boots, £99, Topshop (available in other colours).

OTT Accessories

Rodeo themed western bag
Rodeo carpet bag, Irregular Choice, £89
Wanted necklace
Wanted necklace, £7, Skinnydip (down from £14)
Fringe Bandana
Fringe tassel bandana, £3, ASOS (down from £10)

My unprofessional side has won out and I haven’t included the favourite pair of cowboy boots I found, because they are mine. Sorry. But if you’re after proper boots or Western gear, our shopping guide has a list of UK suppliers where cowboy boots are thankfully always in fashion.


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