The “Help, They’re Marrying Someone Else” Playlist

We are irrationally excited about – and far too invested in – Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding news. But country music knows that not every engagement announcement is a happy one. When it’s your ex’s engagement for instance… an occasion for which there are an embarrassingly high number of country songs. Or when the betrothed is the “one who got away” (even if they don’t actually know it).

Here are ten country tracks to help you survive if deep down you’d been expecting to marry Harry or Meghan yourself. Or to prepare you should Facebook bring you any depressing engagement news on Christmas Eve – which is apparently the UK’s most popular day of the year for couples to get engaged.

Don’t worry; country’s got you.

10. I Got the Boy (Jana Kramer)

“I got the class ring, she got the diamond and wedding band.
I got the boy, she got the man.”

 9. Tonight, The Heartache’s on Me (Dixie Chicks)

“Let’s drink a toast to the fool who couldn’t see.”

8. Brokenheartsville (Joe Nichols)

“Here’s to the past, they can kiss my glass, I hope she’s happy with him.”

7. I’m Getting Stoned (Eric Church)

“Here’s to all us haters of old lovers new last names… She got a rock, I’m getting stoned.”

6. Thinking Bout You (Jonathan Terrell)

“I always thought that your wedding day would look a little different; like maybe I’d be standing by your side.”

5. Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It (Darius Rucker)

“When we make choices we gotta live with them,
Heard ya found a real good man and ya married him.”

4. Today (Gary Allan)

“Today, is the happiest day of her life, I should be happy for her today.”

3. She Got You (Patsy Cline)

“I’ve got your class ring, that proved you cared…
The only thing different, The only thing new, I’ve got these little things, she’s got you.”

2. I’ll Think of a Reason Later (Lee Ann Womack)

“There was the girl on the social page, lookin’ in love and all engaged…I really hate her, I’ll think of a reason later.”


Finally, at number one of course it’s the great anthem of the rejected…

1. Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks)

“Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots, and ruined your black tie affair.”

Garth’s ex’s wedding obviously had less security than the royal one will.

Which other country songs should be on the list?

Brits in Boots

Featured image by DaMongMan

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