Best of the C2C Fan Fashion

What a difference seven years make. From timidly stepping out in cowboy boots back in 2013, wondering if anyone else at this ‘new festival’ might also have a pair, to 2019’s full on parade of fringe, plaid and sparkles. The country fan infiltration of the UK has gone from a stealthy whisper to a loud and proud, double-denim roar. Of course we don’t have to dress like we’ve raided Dolly’s wardrobe to listen to quality music, but sometimes we quite like to.

So this year at C2C Festival it wasn’t just the artists’ outfits which were dazzling (very literally in the case of Cam and Jimmie Allen). Here are some of the favourite countrified outfits – and boots! – we spotted offstage around London’s O2. And, yes, we are totally counting beards as a fashion accessory.

We’d love to see your cowboy boots. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter ‘@britsinboots’ and tell us where they’re from!

CJ, Judi & Laura

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