15 Best Quotes of C2C Festival 2019

This week, non-country friends will ask, “how was your country music festival?”. We’ll say something general like “really good” but they will not understand. How was it?

We have laughed with cheeky lyrics, and cried – or cringed – at the stories behind them. We have helped the writer of a Keith Urban hit come up with the British version (John Lennon, John Cleese, John 3:16) and learned that no topic is out of bounds in a CMA songwriters’ round. We have rekindled love affairs with old favourite singers and ignited passions for new ones.

We have decided that no, 11 a.m. is not too early for a cocktail and that there’s probably room at home for ‘just one more’ country-themed souvenir. We have finally worn in those one-of-a-kind boots (and have somehow justified buying another pair). We have picked up where we left off with friends we only see at The O2 each March and have added new members to the clan.

And, crucially, we at team Brits  in Boots have been keeping an ear out all over C2C. From official artist press conferences (where we felt very grown up) to banter from the stage or the chat in the ladies’ loos; here are a few of the quotes which have summed up our year seven (seven already?!!) C2C festival experience.

[Country songs] express how you feel when you can’t.”

– Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott summing up what we love about this genre.


You guys doing some drinking tonight? It’s a country music show; it’s part of the deal.”

– Headliner/Genius Chris Stapleton absolving us from any potential drinking guilt.

Chris Stapleton on the London stage, instantly shutting down any questions about whether he’d be lively enough to headline.

How is Cam not more famous? She’s our generation’s Dolly!”

– Guy in a Southern Comfort hat by the bar (and pretty much everyone  else).



I’ve had one and a half jack and cokes and I’m on antibiotics. I usually have an allergic reaction to that combo; I usually break out in handcuffs!”

Travis Denning, full of personality at the Songwriters’ Round


Songwriting is just telling yourself therapy.” 

– Cam hosting arguably the best CMA Songwriter’s Session in C2C history.

cam-2484-Aron Klein
We were already Cam fans but came away Cam super-fans.

My focus is to make country music and to grow with this genre. I never want to lose things like the Dobro in my music.”

Every Little Thing singer Carly Pearce 

She Cranks My Tractor is the dumbest song I’ve heard in my life…”

– Dustin Lynch being brutally honest about one of his own songs, which apparently started out as a joke.

Dustin Lynch and probably the nicest teeth in country music.

Jane the Runaway was very good…”

– Scottish woman in toilet cubicle.

D’you mean Runaway June?”

– Scottish woman in the next cubicle.


Growing up in Texas I always imagined I’d grow up to be a cowboy… I was afraid of cows. That’ll hold you back.”

– Lyle Lovett, bringing some old school class to the stage. 


I got this melody in the middle of the night as a dream…”

– Noah Schnacky about new song More Beautiful.

I shut down the Northern line tube after the after party last night because my cowboy hat flew onto the track.”

– ‘C2C Attendees’ Facebook group ambassador Chris.

 If I get sweaty it’s ’cause I’m covered in Spanx… whatever keeps the biscuits in the can is what works for me; I only have to look skinny for 50 minutes.”

– Ashley McBryde during her stand out main stage set.

I feel like everyone’s worked with Ed Sheeran but me. I think I’m on a list but waaay down…”

– Hunter Hayes answering a question about who he’d like to write with.

I’m not in the mood for measuring today…”

– One of the bartenders in the Town Square while freepouring us heaven in a cup.



 When people talk about what’s your favourite place in the world to play, we start with London.”

– Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood


So, what summed up C2C festival for you?

Brits in Boots

[Photo credits: Cam photo courtesy of Aron Klein, all others courtesy of Graham Joy]

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  1. One of my favourite lines of the weekend was Logan Mizo replying to a love you shout with “I love you too but I thought I told you to wait in the truck” 🤣


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