The Long Road’s Fashion Rules


Most of the year we go out of our way to show just how contemporary the country music scene is and to prove it’s not all double-denim, rhinestones and tassels. But then a festival like The Long Road rolls into town and suddenly we’re “OK, I’m off to meet my people… shut up and pass me my tassels!”




Yes, we are guilty of sporting a LOT of fringe and embroidery this weekend. And yes, we intend to continue letting our inner Western movie stars out at future festivals. So, move over Vogue, here are the style tips we picked up from our fellow country fans at The Long Road 2019.


1. More is more.


2. Dogs are the new black.


3. If you can’t afford this season’s must-have accessory (a dog), then children can be a chic substitute as long as they’re styled right.



4. You’re never fully dressed without a hat.

5. Since your jacket might become your only festival outfit in the British “summer”, make it count.

6. If you must sleep in the great outdoors, ensure your nightwear matches your tent.




And finally… 7. Red trouser suits for the win.



Now we’ve got the important bits out of the way, keep an eye out for more Long Road posts all week… including an interview with Charley Crockett (on old vs. young Texans and where he got those dance moves) plus a shiny new edition of “Overheard at Long Road Festival”.


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