20 Scary Country Song Costume Ideas

I’ve never been one for Halloween. As a kid in a Catholic family, it was more lighting candles at mass than getting sweets from strangers. Then, as an adult, I could never muster much enthusiasm for being a sexy pumpkin. I’m whatever the Halloween version of The Grinch is.

But if I could be persuaded to get into the spooky spirit, country music provides plenty of ghosts and other terrifying characters for costume inspiration – though it’ll take a real country fan to get all of these song references in this Halloween costume idea list.

1. The devil on his way to Georgia

2. Carrie Underwood wielding a Louisville slugger

3. Earl

4. Hell on heels

5. Brandy Clarke wearing orange stripes

6. Ghost riders in the sky

7. A crazy ex-girlfriend

8. A bowl of black-eyed peas

9. The Highwomen

10. The Highwaymen

11. A tornado

12. A runaway train (especially if it looks like Cam)

13. The ghost of Lucias Clay

14. Andy’s ‘Little Sister’

15. Cotton-Eyed Joe

16. Miranda Lambert carrying a can of Kerosene 

17. A bull named Fu Manchu

18. A trucker named Big Joe

19. Two women in two black veils (bonus points for arriving in a black Cadillac)

20. A bottle of whiskey…

…because we all know how many disasters and untimely death’s they’ve caused in country songs. Who or what would you go as? I’d wear Carrie Underwood’s Two Black Cadillacs video outfit (pictured above) at anytime of the year.



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