Brits Guide to Enjoying The CMA Awards [2018 update]

Don’t turn us in but previously we may have dabbled in some dodgy measures to try and watch the CMA Awards live online. This year, there’s enough thread chat to suggest many others will be staying up till the wee hours trying to do the same, but we’ve decided to focus on some less sleep-depriving […]

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Margo Price Glastonbury Country

The Country Side of Glastonbury

For the first time I can remember, a little bit of me is jealous of all the “off to Glastonbury” pictures and posts. It’s no coincidence that this is also the first time I can remember Glastonbury festival not forecast to become a mud bath. But I have decided to curb this seed of jealousy […]

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Southern Saturdays: A Load of Bull or Southern Charm?

Pop star Gabrielle wasn’t full of it; dreams can come true. The Back Street Boys are in the country music chart (possibly due to me successfully blowing out 16 candles all in one go back in ’96). Jack Daniels have released a whiskey infused cider (I suspect their target market report simply said “Judi from […]

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