Black Deer Festival: 3 Must-See Artists

Alas; life, the universe and everything means we’re only at Black Deer Festival in spirit this year. But if we were there in person, our boots would be leaping across the fields to get front row for these three acts.

1. Irish Mythen

Absolutely not to be missed in person, this Irish Canadian [pictured below] is performing on all three days of the festival, including as part of the Friday songwriter session. Come for the anecdotes and banter as much as the sharp songwriting. We’ve previously come away from an Irish Mythen set having laughed (and lamented the state of politics) as much as if we’d been in the audience for Have I got News for You.

Irish Mythen portrait by Stewart Maclean

2. Cam

You probably familiar with Californian songwriter Cam [pictured below] from her catchy and diverse hits on country radio, like the haunting Burning House or the dance floor filling Diane – the perfect response song to Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Expect an emotive though overall uplifting repertoire, often including surprising covers and songs you may recognise from outside of Americana (after all she wrote the Sam Smith song Palace. Each time we see her in person we’re overwhelmingly reminded, by goosebumps, just how pure and powerful her voice is.

Cam, Otherside Tour portrait

3. William Prince

No, google, I did not mean Prince William. Despite our best efforts we’ve not managed to catch Canadian singer-songwriter William Prince [pictured below] in person yet, but hearing the smooth richness of that distinctive yet timeless voice IRL is on our festival bucket-list.

William Prince

Those are just three of over 100 artists across the Black Deer long weekend, kicking off Friday 17th June 2022 [See full lineup and day splits below]. Enjoy wandering wherever the music leads you, from old-timey ‘mountain music’ with Josh Okeefe, through the dreamy folk of Courtney Marie Andrews, to rock from The Picturebooks. This is the relaxed kind of festival where you may not recognise every name on the lineup, but you’ll stumble across and fall for your future favourites in the intimate way Spotify can’t imitate.


Brits in Boots

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