If Brad Paisley were British

I’ve woken up still buzzing from last night at the O2. Once again Brad Paisley provided a masterclass in audience interaction (just ask Hannah’s whose Instagram got taken over by the man himself, or the TWO youngsters who were given signed guitars out of the blue). As for the rest of us; we were given... Continue Reading →

When Country Music Gets Creepy

So it's Halloween and to stay in the 'spirit' of things (sorry, I couldn't help myself!) I wondered if I could put together a Halloween Country Music playlist ... While it's true that country music doesn't have a lot of songs about monsters and other things that go bump, there are a fair few that... Continue Reading →

The New Convert’s Country Starter Pack

Everybody loves Nashville ... the show, I mean, not the city ... though I'm pretty sure that everybody here loves the city too.  I wouldn’t know yet because it seems all my favourite Nashville acts want to tour London when I want to visit there – making planning my holiday very hard ... but I digress ... Everybody loves Nashville,... Continue Reading →

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