Foolproof Country Song Chat Up Lines

Come on country fans, I dare you to try some if these pickup lines at the bar of your next country gig. We can’t guarantee whether, if you don’t look like Luke Bryan, they’ll earn you a date or a slap, but it’s got to be worth a shot, right?

“I’d like to check you for ticks” Brad Paisley, Ticks

“I ain’t never seen a cowboy look so good in jeans… I may not be in love, but let me tell you I’m in heat” Dolly Parton, Romeo

“I’m not talkin’ ’bout hookin’ up ‘n’ hangin’ out, I’m just talkin’ ’bout tonight” Toby Keith, I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight

“Are you from Tennessee? ‘Cause baby you’re the only ten I see” Shane Yellowbird, Pickup Truck

“You make the best fried chicken” Lee Brice, A Woman Like You

“Wish I could be the beach towel that you laid down on” Brad Paisley (again!), Be the Lake

“You’ll be my glass of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey” Blake Shelton, Honey Bee

“Hey girl, you make me wanna drive you home” Thomas Rhett, It Goes Like This

“Maybe I love you or maybe I’m just kinda bored” Kacey Musgraves, It is What it Is

And of course, the classic song title…

“If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?” The Bellamy Brothers

And with Nashville’s songwriters coming out with corkers like these lines, I can’t help wonder what stars like Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan first said to impress their gorgeous other halves! Of course if these don’t work, you can resort to “baby don’t say no so quick” (Billy Curington, Don’t It).

Which country chat up lines make you swoon or smirk?

@CheryTwee for @UKCountryBlog

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