UK Country Gigs

It’s happened. The UK country music revolution has been a success and Nashville artists are regularly crossing the pond to visit us. This is largely good news, though there are the small downsides for our bank balances, liver health and stress levels from the dreaded ‘Country Clash’.

The other downside is we’re really behind on updating these listings. It’s top of the to-do list for this weekend, but in the meantime, we’ll point you to the very helpful Chris Country Radio gig guide, here.





For regular events check out our ‘country nights out’ page. Have we missed any events? Let us know below. If you’re looking for likeminded gig-buddies, check out these two groups.

London & surrounds: Play That Country Music

Bristol, Cardiff & South West: Country Music & Americana

Maybe see you in the crowd,

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12 thoughts on “UK Country Gigs

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  3. John

    hey, great site love it!

    Just one thing, striking matches are playing the union chapel on the 8th not dingwalls.


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  5. Mark

    4 Jul 2018 Cordovas – Night & Day Cafe Manchester
    7 Jul 2018 Eric Pasley Liverpool
    12 Jul 2018 Free Vibes: Izzie Walsh Band On The Wall
    22 Jul 2018 Jade Bird / Holly Macve / Emily Barker St George’s , Bristol
    28 Jul 2018 FSA FEST Newark-on-Trent
    6 Sep 2018 Lee Ann Womack Royal Northern College Of Music
    7 Sep 2018 The Long Road Festival Lutterworth,
    8 Oct 2018 Luke Combs The Ritz
    19 Oct 2018 Drake White Manchester Academy
    6 Nov 2018 Old Dominion Manchester Academy

    1. CJ

      Thanks Mark, we’ve been very slack about keeping this page updated but I’ll get on the case now!

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