Stepping Out of my (Southern) Comfort Zone

After the school-trip frog debacle of 1994, there are very few things that would make me consider camping again. There are even less things that would make Judi consider camping. But in both our cases Kip Moore being in the field next to the campsite is one of those things.

When I go on about loving music festivals I suppose I’m a bit of a fraud. I do indeed love the smörgåsbord of music and the acceptableness of day drinking. But I like my ‘festivals’ indoors with proper toilets. I have no desire to ever brave Glastonbury and it’s not just the non-stop country music which makes C2C my ideal event; it’s also for its proximity to the tube station.

This weekend though, I have been tempted beyond my city limits by a line-up so strong I’m convinced it’s been curated through either wizardry or blackmail. Ireland’s brand new event Harvest Country Music Festival is making its debut in epic style.

I’m not sure the small lakeside towns around Enniskillen will know what’s hit them. Every hotel and airbnb apartment for miles is sold out; glamping tents are being shipped in but have all been booked up. The website mocks me with the error message “Enniskillen is exceptionally busy on these dates why not try the next week?”

The next week? Try the next week?!! I tell you why not The next week Miranda Lambert will not be there singing Tin Man; Charley Pride will not be there showing the newcomers how it’s done; Sam Palladio will not be there confusing me with his English accent; The Shires will not be there making me wish I’d stuck to my keyboard lessons as a kid; Dan and Shay will not be there helping people get engaged/laid; and Nathan Carter will not be there helping me understand why Kip Moore isn’t even the headliner that day.

So no,, the next week will not do. Which is how, in uncharacteristic holiday preparation, I find myself voluntarily watching YouTube videos of how to put up a tent. Wish me luck.


P.S. The first Harvest festival is happening 26-27th August 2017 in two locations (in Ireland and Northern Ireland). If you’re less averse to sleeping in the great outdoors, there are still tickets for both branches here.

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