15 Great Quotes Overheard at Country Music Week [2017]

“How many of you had no idea who I was before tonight? That’s OK, I don’t know who you are either”

– Woke Up in Nashville singer Seth Ennis

“We have brought the hillbillies to the royal palace!”

– Kimberly from Little Big Town about the Royal Albert Hall

“I wish Sober October was in a different month.”

– Possibly the only fan not drinking during a drinking song.

“Tatiana, what’s the first line of this song again?”

– Randy Houser to his wife, mid set.

“How has it taken me so long to realise Little Big Town are basically country music’s Abba?”

– Cider-fuelled CJ

“I fell in love… [sound of audience hearts sinking] …when I was 21 [aaand relax].”

– Kip Moore introducing a song inspired by a cold ex-girlfriend.

“I reckon these guys will be the next Dan and Shay.”

– Tony at the Daytime Hub about duo Walker McGuire

“I never thought I’d sing about day drinking in the Royal Albert Hall.”

– JB, following a day of day-drinking.

“I love all of you but I just need a photo with Jimi”

– super fan who ran up to the stage and interrupted Little Big Town show

“If you bless my heart, I’ll slap your face”

– One of many killer Angeleena Presley lyrics.

“We were asked to play the Royal Albert Hall the day before our baby was due. We considered it.”

-Raintown, whose baby was born the night that concert would’ve been.

“Randy’s voice is amazing but I just wanna know if Hawk is here”

– Monday night gig goer. Hawk is Randy’s dog with over 14k instagram followers.

“I like being away from my girlfriend…”

– Johnny from Walker McGuire getting himself into trouble on stage.

“Your love is like a loaded gun. Should’ve put it down before you hurt someone”

– A favourite lyric of the week from Logan Brill’s Scars

“I’m wearing shorts so you’re not gonna see my Christmas!”

– Karen from Little Big Town in a rather mini dress.

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