12 Ways to Prep for C2C 2018

OK, got Country to Country festival tickets; now the hard work begins…

To Do

Get mum to become Little Big Town’s no.1 fan because, either way, we’re spending Mother’s Day at the O2 Arena.

Learn that you don’t have to drink every time a song mentions whiskey. 

Fall madly in love, to avoid exploding with envy over Tim & Faith, Kelsea & Morgan, Kacey’s newlywed glow…

Use saddle soap to soften the new boots so there’s no repeat of “Country Music Week Feet”.

Google what a “koozie” is. / Buy a koozie.

Stop having both elevenses and four-o-clock-ses in the same day so those new jeans might finally get an outing.

Memorise the lyrics to When it Rains it Pours and get all the numbers right; 100 bucks, 2 12 packs, caller 5,  4 days, 3 nights, 5 bucks, 4 wheels, 3 passes, 2 buddies, 3 weeks...

Drastically improve coordination to join in if there’s another line-dance flash mob.

Practise saying “hello, I like your music” in case Kip Moore pops into the local pub (again).

Start finger training exercises to be quick enough to get After Party tickets.

Somehow increase bladder capacity so don’t have to miss an epic encore song. Again.

Buy shares in snapbacks.

Now, since we all failed so miserably at the list of things we were supposed to invent before C2C 2017, we better crack on with it…What’s on your C2C prep plan? For slightly more practical advice check out our guide for C2C first- timers.

Brits in Boots

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